Wednesday, July 8, 2009

~*Vintage Sheet Music*~

In the crafty and creative world, sheet music is all the craze right now and has been for some time now. So many beautiful projects have been made using sheet music so when I stumbled upon a pile of this stuff at a sale, I just had to buy some.

I didn't buy these to use on a craft project as I'm not that talented in the "art world", I bought them because I love the beautiful images on the covers. I can't even imagine taking a pair of scissors to these, can you?

Here's some more images for you

About four months ago when we had our yard sale, I grabbed this pile and was headed out the door to put them in the sale but as I started to look through them again, I just couldn't sell them, I wasn't ready to let go.

I don't think they make sheet music like this anymore.

So for now, until I can bear the thought of selling or giving away this pile of vintage sheet music, they will remain on a shelf making the closet look pretty!

Have a fabulous Wednesday, Janice


Anonymous said...

I'll take the sheet music off of your hands! It's so pretty...and I'll feed your kids..! At least one dinner.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

I love vintage sheet music, too! The covers are so beautiful and the music is so great to use in collage art! You have a lovely collection!