Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Sunday morning project

I've been in a creative mood lately and decided to add some fu-fu-ness to this wrought iron candle holder/ plant stand. I just love the ruffled edges, don't you?
Here's what it looks like with some candles.

It looks fine as is but I wanted to add some deepness to where the candles would go. I looked around the craft/computer room and found some brown shredded grass, so I added it to each ruffled holder.

Kinda like creating a nest to where the candles will go.

So, I gathered three candles

I decided to add some chicness to each one. I found some lace, cut three pieces

wrapped the lace around the candles and secured the lace to the candle with a straight pin. I thought the candles would look even better with some bling, so I got out some of my vintage jewelry pieces.

Oh, which ones should I use, love them all!

a tough decison had to be made.

I selected three vintage clip on earrings and attached the earrings onto the lace. I picked this one,

and two of these.

This is what she looks like now.

A closer look. This is the top candle,

and these are the candles on each side.

A fast and easy way to dress up some candles.

Make it a great day, Janice:))


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Very unique and feminine! Love it!

Mary said...

Wow Janice! I never would have thought of something so creative. I would have stopped with the "nest"! The lace and clip on earrings made it beautifully shabby chic and feminine! Love your style!

Emily said...

You are too cute Aunt Janny!!
You are SO SO creative!
When I have my own house I want you to decorate!