Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy Weekend:))

This weekend is suppose to be the hottest weekend so far this summer with tempatures soaring to 107 degrees yep, that's too hot for me, so I'm staying inside where it's nice and cool. So, here's what my weekend is looking like so far. As I write this post, I'm sitting in the computer chair, wearing a pair of boxer shorts and a tee shirt and don't plan on changing any time soon!

I've been in the kitchen, cleaning, rearranging, going through every cabinet and drawer, condensing and throwing things out, useless stuff. In the kitchen there are 13 drawers and each drawer has something in them, that's about to change. I figure this project should take most of the afternoon to complete. Now I need a little something on one of the kitchen counters, humm, I'll have to look around the house and see if I can find something. Perhaps a pretty plater ? I don't like alot of things on my kitchen counters or island but there is a little counter that sits all by itself so it needs something pretty sitting on it.

When the kitchen is done, maybe I'll have time to relax on my settee pictured above.

Tomorrow, we will be going to California to pick up our oldest son who has been there for seven days, visiting with his best friend, playing baseball and having baseball training. Yesterday they went to Magic Mountain to enjoy all the roller coaster rides and they had a blast.

Gosh, I have sure missed him and can't wait until tomorrow to give him a great big hug (which will totally embarrass him, he's 13 years old, they get that way) and kiss.

Have a fabulous weekend cause you all deserve it!!

Smiles, Janice

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Elyse said...


i just popped over from fitty's blog. i saw your blog's name and had to come see. so glad i did because it's lovely over here!

hope your son's homecoming was lots of fun!