Thursday, July 2, 2009

Cooperstown New York

As the temperatures slowly rise here, I think about last summer when we went to Cooperstown New York to watch our son Michael play baseball at the Cooperstown Dream Park. We went twice last summer, in June and August. My oldest son Michael, who is 13 years old played for two teams, the Nevada Wildcats and his California team, the Long Beach Dirtbags.

Isn't he adorable. He is all business when he steps onto the baseball field

In case you were wondering, when we went in June, he played for the Nevada Wildcats and we won the championship game, yahoo!!! In August we went with the Dirtbags and didn't do so well but still had a great time.

I fell in the love with the little sleepy town of Cooperstown. This is a place where you can run in to a store and leave your car running in the parking lot without worries of it being stolen (so unheard of anymore). I loved all the old pretty houses that were probably centuries old nestled upon fields of lush greenery. When I saw this house, I said out loud, "This is where I was meant to live."

This truly is a faded cottage. This sweet house sits at a corner of a windy road with the most breath taking views all around. When we stopped to take pictures, the owner of the house came outside to see what we were doing. We asked her if it was ok to pictures of her house and she said go ahead. The owner said she has lived in the house for 60 years where she raised her family. She said her husband pased away a couple years ago and she now lives in the house all by herself (how sad is that). Here's some more outdoor views of her home.

Side view of the house

Not sure what this piece of farming equipment was/is used for but I thought it looked rather charming with the flowers perched on top.

another view

I want to be in this place, in this town where no air conditioning is needed and there isn't a palm tree or cactus in sight!

I want to drive on this road everyday and look at all the bales of hay and the only thing you see is green landscaping, no desert landscaping required . I want to see this quirky sign as I travel down the road.

Yep, as the temperatures rise to 100 to 110 degrees here, I'd much rather be in Cooperstown. I'll have to wait til next summer when when we go again to watch our youngest son play.

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Anonymous said...

Such a cool town....I want to go!