Saturday, May 30, 2009

*~A new project~*

I bought this dresser a few years ago with the best intentions of turning it into something fabulous. It truly is a lovely piece with great potential, don'tyathink? It's painted on old aqua color with lots of chippy paint, it has five drawers all with appliques on them, some of the appliques have broken off pieces and the door on the right has been damaged but other than that, it's a solid piece of furniture. So, I wondered for the longest time about repairing or replacing the appliques. Sooo, today I took one of the drawers out into the garage, got the sander out and sanded away at the applique (you can see my work on the fourth drawer). It took about 20 minutes of sanding with course sand paper and the applique is completely gone, yahoo!

Then I thought this would be a good a project to show before and after pictures, so I took the drawer back inside and snapped some pictures before I started to sand again. Here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure :))

Kind of a side view, you can see the chippy paint.

Close up of the work in progress, applique is completely gone!, four more to go.
Missing drawer knobs which can be easily replaced, how about some glass knobs??

Kinda threw this picture in for fun, it sits on top of the dresser.

Ok, I need some opinions from all you creative people. I haven't decided what color to paint this darling dresser, creamy white, robin's egg blue, aqua color, some other color??

I was thinking about lining the drawers with some french pages and maybe doing a little antiquing to them ,then applying a thin coat of mod podge to hold the the pages in place.

Don't be shy about leaving a comment, I'm off to do some sanding:))

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Make it a great week!

My favorite pink hat

Remember this vintage hat I found at the Irvine Flea Market. I found the perfect spot for it for now. It's one of those things that will be moved around from time to time as the colors work perfectly in my home.

Make it a great week everyone and I'll be posting real soon:))

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Flea Market Fun Continues

close up of the sweet vanity

Breathtaking, every rhinestone is intact

Vintage prom dress which now hangs in my bedroom

another random picture

not the best picture but this wooden bed frame was unbelievable, just fabulous.

chippy paint cabinet

we bought some stuff from this seller

Yes, this pink hat went home with me

oh so pretty perfume bottles

I wanted those cranberry candles holders

Gorgeous old blue hutch

just snapping a picture

Loved everything in this spot and so did everyone else.
do you see the aqua bottles with the ornate tops?

a booth jammed pack with enamelware. Some of it went home with us.

some great old green posts

I had to get 2 pictures of this idea

cute idea for for selling, packing, storing jewelry

precise cargo packed and

ready to head home

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Flea Market Fun

What a fabulous time me and my mom had during our weekend trip to California. We have a favorite place we go to every year, it's a peddlers market. The sale takes place on Saturday. Most of the vender's start setting up on Friday and we make sure we are there on that day. We shop on Friday as the vendors are setting up, they are happy to sell there items early and we are happy to buy from them, we get the best picked items! The peddlers market is one day only on Saturday and me and my mom are always there early. We always have such a fun time and we meet the most fabulous people along the way. See the red and white potting bench in the picture above, yep it's mine now. The moment I saw, I knew I had to have it. I bought it from the most adorable person, Erin, all her items were beautifully displayed and look at her custom made canopy cover! Erin handed me her business card and I noticed on the card her blog address. We started chatting and we realized that we follow a lot of the same blogs. Erin is super sweet and you can find her blog here.

A picture of me and Erin, Erin is on the left and that's me on the right of the picture

close up of the potting bench, chippy red and white paint

On Sunday we went to the Irvine Valley College Flea Market. It was our first time there. To our surprise it's not a super huge flea market, you can actually see everything in one day, lol. We had lots of fun leaving our money there. Here are some random shoots I took as we strolled around.

Look at all the ruffles!!

beautiful aqua vintage dress

Cute vintage vanity

Make sure you stop by tomorrow as there is so much more to share, Janice