Saturday, May 30, 2009

*~A new project~*

I bought this dresser a few years ago with the best intentions of turning it into something fabulous. It truly is a lovely piece with great potential, don'tyathink? It's painted on old aqua color with lots of chippy paint, it has five drawers all with appliques on them, some of the appliques have broken off pieces and the door on the right has been damaged but other than that, it's a solid piece of furniture. So, I wondered for the longest time about repairing or replacing the appliques. Sooo, today I took one of the drawers out into the garage, got the sander out and sanded away at the applique (you can see my work on the fourth drawer). It took about 20 minutes of sanding with course sand paper and the applique is completely gone, yahoo!

Then I thought this would be a good a project to show before and after pictures, so I took the drawer back inside and snapped some pictures before I started to sand again. Here's some pictures for your viewing pleasure :))

Kind of a side view, you can see the chippy paint.

Close up of the work in progress, applique is completely gone!, four more to go.
Missing drawer knobs which can be easily replaced, how about some glass knobs??

Kinda threw this picture in for fun, it sits on top of the dresser.

Ok, I need some opinions from all you creative people. I haven't decided what color to paint this darling dresser, creamy white, robin's egg blue, aqua color, some other color??

I was thinking about lining the drawers with some french pages and maybe doing a little antiquing to them ,then applying a thin coat of mod podge to hold the the pages in place.

Don't be shy about leaving a comment, I'm off to do some sanding:))


Lucinda Obrien said...

Ohhhh....I love your dresser.I'm seeing duck egg blue for it ..but any colour would be nice.What a sweet cupboard

Mary said...

I wonder where you will put the dresser - what are the colors in the room where it will live? The only color that comes to my mind is white or cream, maybe with some decoration on it? I KNOW you will come up with the perfect "dressing" for it! Can't wait to see!