Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yard Sale Success

Wow, what a great weekend, the yard sale was a huge success. Yep we sold tons of items and now I am able to park my SUV in the garage with plenty of room left over!

Our sale started 8:00 Saturday morning. I was up by 5:00 am to enjoy a couple cups of good strong coffee, ya I would need my energy for the day. By 6:00 am my mom arrived and away we go getting everything set up. 7:30am my husband got all the signs in position and by 7:45, the cars are lined up in my cul-de-sac and the buying frenzy began.

Our adorable friends showed up and bought some of our best stuff. So glad they got it, I know it went to a great home. Friendships were made along the way and we thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the 2 day sale. I can tell you this though, it will be a very long time before I do this again.! The amount of work that goes into a garage sale, who knew?

Here are some of the highlights of the sale.

2 brand new folding lawn chairs each marked $2.00 a piece. A guy walks up to me with $2.00 in his hands and says he'll buy both of the chairs for $2.00. I explained to him that they are brand new, never sat in and the price is $2.00 for each one. He gave me that stare wondering if I would take his deal and I gave him my stare letting him know I was firm on the price. He walked away with both chairs and I put $4.00 in my pocket, thankyouvery much.

I had 2 signed oil paintings with gorgeous ornate frames that I was selling. I bought them from a art show, many years ago and paid way to much for them. I had a $50.00 price tag for each one, extremely fair price. I older gentleman looks at the paintings and yells out in disbelief $50.00. I asked him, did you see the signature on each one, did you feel the brush storkes on the canvass, did you notice the ornate frames and I said you can't even buy the frames for $50.00. There was no way I was backing down on the price and I can tell you, I'm still the owner of the pictures, hahaha.

A hair dresser came over Sunday morning, She said one her clients was at our sale on Saturday and told her about all the adorable stuff we were selling. The hair dresser was at our sale bright and early Sunday morning and bought a ton of stuff. My husband even delivered the shabby chic rocking chair she bought from us, there was no way it was gonna fit in her compact car. We heard from several other buyers that their friends told them about our sale and that is how they ended up at our house. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. We were tickled pink that people were talking about our garage sale.

I've had very few garage sales so I didn't really know how much business we would have on Sunday. Let's just say, there are lots of people who garage sale on Sundays. The cul-de-sac was jammed with cars, parked every which way just to park their cars, too funny. Yep, business was also good on Sunday.

By late afternoon Sunday, whatever didn't sell we packed it all up and off it went to the Goodwill trailer that is parked in a shopping center close to our home. The men who work at the trailer unload everything for you, thank goodness cause at this time I was completely exhausted.

Of course no pictures to show you of the sale, yep, I'm bad but please forgive me:))

Have a fabulous week (I'll be posting soon), Janice

Friday, April 17, 2009

Yard Sale

Since my last post, I decided to change the days of our garage sale to Saturday and Sunday. You see, I thought I would spend Friday getting ready for the sale, ya know pricing items, deciding what I would sell and what items I would keep, etc. Yep that was plan alright! So what have I done in preparation for the sale? Very little. Sure, I've gone through some cabinets and drawers in the house, pulled some things out and made too many piles in the formal dining room of items that will be for sale. We had a garage sale in December and a lot of the items are already marked, many aren't. I work better under extreme pressure, so I'll get everything done tomorrow morning, 2 hours before the sale starts. So what did I do today? Meet my mom at an estate sale, we bought very little, just couldn't afford the outrageous prices.

Then we went to our shabby chic guy's house and spent some money! We bought some really cool stuff for unbelievable prices. I promise to share pictures in a couple of days.

Here is our agenda of things we will do in California, the first weekend in May. First stop is this place.

While we are there maybe we will be able to meet this blogger and seller at Country Roads Antiques and seller at the Irvine Flea Market, first Sunday in May. Ya, we'll be there, to excited. Let's just hope there's room left in Suburban by Sunday. The back of the Suburban gets re-arranged many times to have more space for stuff!! A couple years ago we were at a flea market and we went nuts buying stuff, unloading our flea market carts and going back for more. We had to take everything out cause we needed more space. We did this about 4 times. We were barley able to fit everything in and I mean barely. We always run out of space before running out of money. I think a u-haul truck would be suitable for our buying frenzy, hahaha

While in California, we'll head over to Coronado and visit this place. Maybe we'll be able to meet her. I've followed her back in the days when she was selling on ebay and was even lucky enough to buy some of her items.

Our buying trips consists of traveling to one place to another. Trying to hit all the shops in such a short time. Loads of fun and laughter.

Well, it's off to the store and get some poster boards for signs for the sale tomorrow. Maybe I can make a sign like this

Have a fabulous weekend, Janice

Monday, April 13, 2009

We're having a garage sale

This Friday and Saturday, April 17th & 18th me and my mom having the second part of our yard sale. We had our first one in December and now we're having another one, to try and sell the rest of the stuff. My mom comes over the night before the sale and helps out with all the prep work which can be a little exhausing, but boy I tell ya, I couldn't do it without her. She is super organized and loves to help out. She brings things over that she wants to sell and helps me get all my junk, I mean treasures priced and organized, we have a lot of fun doing it all.

You see, here's my strategy. Me and my mom are going to California Friday, May 1 and staying until Sunday, May 3rd. We usually do this once a year to have a mom and daughter trip. We'll be shopping the whole time and spending like crazy. On Friday, the Suburban will probably be packed full of goodies from our favorite antique stores. Our first stop is always the City of Orange, a beautiful quaint little city loaded with the most adorable antique shops. One of our favorites is Old Country Roads, lets just say it loaded with eye candy, my heart always starts to race upon entering the store! Can you tell how excited I am about this trip, I just keep rambling on and on.

Ok, back to my strategy. My garage is loaded, no room to put anything, not even a car and we have a 3 car garage! We have a little walk way in the garage and that's it, kinda like a fire escape route. So, when I bring home all my treasures from California, there's no room to put them (not that I intentionally buy stuff just to sit in the garage although my husband would have a different opinion about that). So we need to clear away the stuff already in the garage to have a place for all the new/old stuff, make sense?

I would take a picture of my garage so that you could truly appreciate what I mean about having stuff but it wouldn't really be a blog worthy picture. Maybe after we get it all set up, I can snap a picture and add it it my blog.

If your in the area this weekend, stop on over, we would love to see ya. Wish us luck, I really need to sell alot of stuff!

I'll be adding another post about all of this, this week and adding some wonderful links, so stay tuned, Janice

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Estate Sale Shopping

Hubby and I headed out Saturday morning to an estate sale that was about 10 minutes away. It felt good to get out, it's been quite a while since we went to an estate or a rummage sale. The following pictures are things that I found.

I always go outside to find stuff at estate sales and I seem to be the only one who does that. Lucky for me cause I get first pick. Isn't this cement dog just the cutest with the sweetest face? She is all chippy and battered but still intack.

Here's what she looked like when I found her.

I think she looks much better wearing her vintage hat, don't you? Now all she needs is a rhinestone necklace or a strand of pearls.

Another picture of our finds.

Vintage pictures with the prettest ornate fames. The frames have a few spots of missing gesso. I was thinking about painting them white to conceal the blemishes,What do you think?

Clusters of flowers on the frames, gorgeous! I paid $10.00 for both frames, what a deal!!

These pictures were $1.00 a piece. Who could pass up a deal like that. One of them has a water mark but that didn't stop me. Love the scalloped frames.

Notice the watermark?

A vintage hurricane candle holder with etched glass.

Another set of pictures.

This gorgeous vintage pitcher went home with me. I squelled silently when I saw it.

I'm heading over to Trader Joes to get some fresh flowers to put in it.

The pitcher has beautiful grazing and the colors are my all time favorites.

The lady who puts on these estate sales is having an estate sale every weekend this month. She said next weekend is another sale full of antiques and I'll be there early waiting at the front door to get first pick. Oh, how I can't wait!! I'll be sharing pictures of what I find at the next sales.

Have a relaxing Sunday, Janice:))