Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yard Sale Success

Wow, what a great weekend, the yard sale was a huge success. Yep we sold tons of items and now I am able to park my SUV in the garage with plenty of room left over!

Our sale started 8:00 Saturday morning. I was up by 5:00 am to enjoy a couple cups of good strong coffee, ya I would need my energy for the day. By 6:00 am my mom arrived and away we go getting everything set up. 7:30am my husband got all the signs in position and by 7:45, the cars are lined up in my cul-de-sac and the buying frenzy began.

Our adorable friends showed up and bought some of our best stuff. So glad they got it, I know it went to a great home. Friendships were made along the way and we thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the 2 day sale. I can tell you this though, it will be a very long time before I do this again.! The amount of work that goes into a garage sale, who knew?

Here are some of the highlights of the sale.

2 brand new folding lawn chairs each marked $2.00 a piece. A guy walks up to me with $2.00 in his hands and says he'll buy both of the chairs for $2.00. I explained to him that they are brand new, never sat in and the price is $2.00 for each one. He gave me that stare wondering if I would take his deal and I gave him my stare letting him know I was firm on the price. He walked away with both chairs and I put $4.00 in my pocket, thankyouvery much.

I had 2 signed oil paintings with gorgeous ornate frames that I was selling. I bought them from a art show, many years ago and paid way to much for them. I had a $50.00 price tag for each one, extremely fair price. I older gentleman looks at the paintings and yells out in disbelief $50.00. I asked him, did you see the signature on each one, did you feel the brush storkes on the canvass, did you notice the ornate frames and I said you can't even buy the frames for $50.00. There was no way I was backing down on the price and I can tell you, I'm still the owner of the pictures, hahaha.

A hair dresser came over Sunday morning, She said one her clients was at our sale on Saturday and told her about all the adorable stuff we were selling. The hair dresser was at our sale bright and early Sunday morning and bought a ton of stuff. My husband even delivered the shabby chic rocking chair she bought from us, there was no way it was gonna fit in her compact car. We heard from several other buyers that their friends told them about our sale and that is how they ended up at our house. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. We were tickled pink that people were talking about our garage sale.

I've had very few garage sales so I didn't really know how much business we would have on Sunday. Let's just say, there are lots of people who garage sale on Sundays. The cul-de-sac was jammed with cars, parked every which way just to park their cars, too funny. Yep, business was also good on Sunday.

By late afternoon Sunday, whatever didn't sell we packed it all up and off it went to the Goodwill trailer that is parked in a shopping center close to our home. The men who work at the trailer unload everything for you, thank goodness cause at this time I was completely exhausted.

Of course no pictures to show you of the sale, yep, I'm bad but please forgive me:))

Have a fabulous week (I'll be posting soon), Janice


shabbydreaming said...

Well done on the yard sale!! great post!! I had to laugh about the $50 painting, I SOO know the feeling!!

Amy Sutter said...

Glad it was a success! That's not surprising about the painting :-)

Just wanted to inform you that we are having another drawing at Aged Vintage Papier! Some fabulous stamps :-) All can enter as many times as they wish! Spread the word!

Have a Fab weekend,