Monday, April 13, 2009

We're having a garage sale

This Friday and Saturday, April 17th & 18th me and my mom having the second part of our yard sale. We had our first one in December and now we're having another one, to try and sell the rest of the stuff. My mom comes over the night before the sale and helps out with all the prep work which can be a little exhausing, but boy I tell ya, I couldn't do it without her. She is super organized and loves to help out. She brings things over that she wants to sell and helps me get all my junk, I mean treasures priced and organized, we have a lot of fun doing it all.

You see, here's my strategy. Me and my mom are going to California Friday, May 1 and staying until Sunday, May 3rd. We usually do this once a year to have a mom and daughter trip. We'll be shopping the whole time and spending like crazy. On Friday, the Suburban will probably be packed full of goodies from our favorite antique stores. Our first stop is always the City of Orange, a beautiful quaint little city loaded with the most adorable antique shops. One of our favorites is Old Country Roads, lets just say it loaded with eye candy, my heart always starts to race upon entering the store! Can you tell how excited I am about this trip, I just keep rambling on and on.

Ok, back to my strategy. My garage is loaded, no room to put anything, not even a car and we have a 3 car garage! We have a little walk way in the garage and that's it, kinda like a fire escape route. So, when I bring home all my treasures from California, there's no room to put them (not that I intentionally buy stuff just to sit in the garage although my husband would have a different opinion about that). So we need to clear away the stuff already in the garage to have a place for all the new/old stuff, make sense?

I would take a picture of my garage so that you could truly appreciate what I mean about having stuff but it wouldn't really be a blog worthy picture. Maybe after we get it all set up, I can snap a picture and add it it my blog.

If your in the area this weekend, stop on over, we would love to see ya. Wish us luck, I really need to sell alot of stuff!

I'll be adding another post about all of this, this week and adding some wonderful links, so stay tuned, Janice

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