Friday, April 17, 2009

Yard Sale

Since my last post, I decided to change the days of our garage sale to Saturday and Sunday. You see, I thought I would spend Friday getting ready for the sale, ya know pricing items, deciding what I would sell and what items I would keep, etc. Yep that was plan alright! So what have I done in preparation for the sale? Very little. Sure, I've gone through some cabinets and drawers in the house, pulled some things out and made too many piles in the formal dining room of items that will be for sale. We had a garage sale in December and a lot of the items are already marked, many aren't. I work better under extreme pressure, so I'll get everything done tomorrow morning, 2 hours before the sale starts. So what did I do today? Meet my mom at an estate sale, we bought very little, just couldn't afford the outrageous prices.

Then we went to our shabby chic guy's house and spent some money! We bought some really cool stuff for unbelievable prices. I promise to share pictures in a couple of days.

Here is our agenda of things we will do in California, the first weekend in May. First stop is this place.

While we are there maybe we will be able to meet this blogger and seller at Country Roads Antiques and seller at the Irvine Flea Market, first Sunday in May. Ya, we'll be there, to excited. Let's just hope there's room left in Suburban by Sunday. The back of the Suburban gets re-arranged many times to have more space for stuff!! A couple years ago we were at a flea market and we went nuts buying stuff, unloading our flea market carts and going back for more. We had to take everything out cause we needed more space. We did this about 4 times. We were barley able to fit everything in and I mean barely. We always run out of space before running out of money. I think a u-haul truck would be suitable for our buying frenzy, hahaha

While in California, we'll head over to Coronado and visit this place. Maybe we'll be able to meet her. I've followed her back in the days when she was selling on ebay and was even lucky enough to buy some of her items.

Our buying trips consists of traveling to one place to another. Trying to hit all the shops in such a short time. Loads of fun and laughter.

Well, it's off to the store and get some poster boards for signs for the sale tomorrow. Maybe I can make a sign like this

Have a fabulous weekend, Janice


Amy Sutter said...

How fun! You adventures sounds fabulous!! Best wishes for your garage sale :-)

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

hi, what a fun blog!! love all your finds!! please let me know what you think of my vintage handmade treasures. :)