Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A decluttered vignette

Did you read the post "Got Beaded Domes", (scroll down and you will see the first post I did on them). Since I started blogging and taking pictures of my things to show you and hopefully inspire you in some small way, things just look different in a picture (at least that's what I think). Take for instance this picture, I use to love the way it looked but after looking at the pictures It look too cluttered. I removed 2 items, the glass compote holding the beaded light bulb covers, picture to the right, and the beaded wall sconce perched on top of a silver, tranished goblet, pictured to the left.
this is what it looks like now,

Like the saying goes, "Less is More" really works in this vignette.
Have a fabulous Wednesday, Janice

Monday, February 23, 2009


lampshade sitting ontop of a candleabra
Love the ruffles!
silky, vintage lampshade just sitting around

lampshade sits on top of a vintage hat stand

gorgeous, faded roses fabric

vintage wicker

Not a tear or stain in the lace, don't you just love the ruffle?

What is about these vintage lace lampshades that are so darn appealing to me?? I don't have a huge collection of these and truth be told, I have two lace lampshades but two is a collection right? OK, I have another lampshade but it's made out of vintage wicker with pretty, to die for faded rose fabric underneath the wicker. I was off on Friday, see previous post reference my Fridays off. I went out junking, not to buy junk but sometimes you to have to weed through the junk to find that "special something." I went to a thrift store that I have passed so many times but never had the time to stop in. It looked really small on the outside but once inside the store it was quite a different story. The store is narrow from all the furniture, T.Vs, microwaves, coffeepots, and stuff lining the walls and walkway but there were treasures all around me. The man working at the store said there were more things outside. OMG, did he say more stuff outside? I had visions of old rusty crusty architectural items, corbels, old ginerbread moldings, vintage chippy paint windows and doors, screen doors, vintage iron yard art, vintage patio furniture, old chippy cement pieces etc. I practically ran to the outside and then the BIG letdown. Ya, there was none of that! I had to remind myself that I was in Las Vegas, not at a fabulous flea market in California. There were used mops, waste baskets, tools, and just ole plain junk. I went back inside and noticed an upstairs. I went up stairs, it is crammed pack with clothing, shoes and piles and piles of newer stained and torn linens. After going back downstairs, I saw the beautiful vintage lace lampshade on a lamp. I asked the man how much and he said $19.99 but he would sell it to me for $9.99. I don't need a lamp I thought to myself, so I asked him if would just sell me the lamp shade. He thought about for a minute and he said ok, $2.00. After paying for it, I skipped all the way back to my car with this gorgeous vintage lace lampshade that I'll use as decorative item. The lampshade is pictured above. It's not staying on my dresser in my bedroom, I just sat it there for pitcures. It hasn't reached it's final resting place yet, I'm having to much fun moving it around the house. I love placing items in unsuspecting ways.
Have a fabulous week, Janice

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday was my birthday

chunky buckle

purse cover
love the shoes!!!
Saturday was my birthday. Yep, That's right!! How old am I?? Old enough to lie about my age, enough said!!:)) So, yesterday morning my sweet husband said I'm taking you shopping at the District at Green Valley Ranch to the Coach store (he knows how much I love Coach purses). Walking into the Coach store felt like purse heaven, so many fabulous purses to choose from, the colors, the styles oh my! I love the hobo style purse, no compartments, just unzip the purse and throw your purse accessories in there. I had my eye on a couple purses and the saleswoman said she had a brand new style Coach purse that won't go on display until Friday, February 27. She went into the back and brought it out. Yes, it was actually what I wanted. Iasked her if I could get now or did I have to wait until Friday? My husband chimed in and told her it was my birthday. With that said , she said if I wanted it, we could get it now. So my husband bought it for me. The matching wallet won't be in until Monday so I'll have to wait for that. The purse is a light khaki beige color with a creamy white leather chunky bucket handle. It's just the perfect purse for spring and summer. What I like best about the Coach purses is the durability, they last forever and are timeless, always in style.
We had lunch at the District and walked around as they were having a pet adoption fair. They had the cutest dogs up for adoption and as much as me and my husband wanted to adopt one, we thought about our dog at home and how she react to another dog invading her territory. After all she is the queen of our house and she reminds you everyday that she is, haha!
Last night we went to the movie Slumdog Millionare, has anyone seen it?? It is an awesome movie and I highly recommend it. If you see it, you have to stay for the credits at the end of movie, very entertaining.
I entered a give away here, check out her blog! I always enter in the give aways from the blogs I follow but have never won before. I checked my blog on Saturday 2/21/09 and saw that a comment had been left from my previous post. I checked the comment and it said that I had won the give away! How exciting is that, winning a give away on my birthday.
I promise to post soon. Have a nice relaxing Sunday, Janice

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A day off

YAHOO.........It's Friday and my day off. Yep that's right. Ya see, I work outside of the home and I work 9 hour days. I work Monday- Friday and every other week I get Friday off. I have Friday all to myself, twice a month. The kids are in school, husband is at work and the Fridays I'm off I call it my fun day. A day all to myself to do "whatever." So I looked in the newspaper and on Craig's list. Not a whole lot going on for garage sales. So I thought, I might as well hit all my favorite antique stores (which are dwindling).My mother in law called, her name is Percy. Percy asked me if I wanted to meet her and my sister-in law, Jenny at the District, at Green Valley Ranch to go do some shopping. Of course I jumped at the chance to go shopping, just the "girls" and to pump some money back into the economy.:)) I know our first stop will be Magnolia Lane, to buy some more Pandora charms for our charm bracelets (more about these in another post) . As we stroll through the District, I'm sure we'll stop in our favorite stores, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, William-Sonoma, Brighton, The Black and White Store, Coach, and REI. We'll have lunch at P.F. Chang's or Cheesecake Factory. The weather has been gorgeous in the high 60"s with the sun shinning. Yes, this will be a fabulous "fun day" spending it with my mother and sister-in-law. What a perfect way to start the weekend.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yo Yo Throw, continuation

back side of yo yos

This is a continuation of the blog that I posted last night. Every year for Christmas my mom makes each of her daughters (three of them) something that she lovingly made. My mom loves doing "handwork" and is a perfectionist with every stitch. My mom is a self taught quilter, she read a book about quilting and a few months later she finished a wall hanging for one of her grand kids. All of her grand kids and great grand kids have all been gifted with something that she made them and all her daughters as well. My mom also loves to do hand applique, silk embroidery, cross stitch, makes pillows and has dabbled in a few upholstery projects (per my request but swears she will never do that again!). Ok, back to the throw. There are 1, 044 yo yos in this throw. Each yo yo took her approximately four to five minutes to make and that doesn't count cutting them out. My mom used four strings of thread per each yo yo for long lasting stability. My mom said she started the throw in August and finished it a week before Thanksgiving utilizing every free moment she had to finish it. You can imagine my surprise when I opened this gift. It really about took my breath away as it is sooo gorgeous and all the colors are so soothing to look at. Finding the proper placement in my home for this yo yo throw was most important as I wanted to show case it and not keep it tucked away. The proper place for this gorgeous one of a kind piece of art is displayed on my kitchen table. Where ever you are in the family room/kitchen area, you can see it. When we sit down for dinner, the throw comes off as I don't any food or drink particles touching it. I know how lucky I am to have such a sweet. loving, and talented mom. All of the treasures she has made me over all the years are truly keepsake treasures that will be forever adored.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Yo Yo Throw

Hello everyone,

Thanks for sticking with me as I journey into the blog world. There is so much to learn in this process but also so very enjoyable at the same time. This post was suppose to be about a Yo Yo throw my mom made me for Christmas. As I looked over all the pictures that were taken, Irealized that I forgot to take one of the overall throw. Now that it is dark outside, I'll have to wait until tomorrow to take the rest of the pictures when the sun is shining through the windows. But I couldn't leave you empty handed with no picture to share, so here is a little hint of what you be seeing in tomorrows post. Remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them. Please stay tuned as you will want to see all of it!! The photos will be added, early evening. Have a fabulous day, Janice:))

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Home Goods Shopping

Yesterday was a fun shopping day. Me, my mom, sister, and niece shopped all day looking for accessories for my sister's house. Our first stop was Home Goods, ya, love that store. We found lots of gorgeous accessories for my sister and I happened upon this darling porcelain container with the crown on the outside, it was love at first sight, so in the shopping cart it went. There were pedestal cake plates to match which I didn't get but after writing this post, I'm heading back to get them.

For all you football fans, have a fantastic Super Bowl Sunday!!

I'll be posting again real soon!!, Janice