Monday, February 23, 2009


lampshade sitting ontop of a candleabra
Love the ruffles!
silky, vintage lampshade just sitting around

lampshade sits on top of a vintage hat stand

gorgeous, faded roses fabric

vintage wicker

Not a tear or stain in the lace, don't you just love the ruffle?

What is about these vintage lace lampshades that are so darn appealing to me?? I don't have a huge collection of these and truth be told, I have two lace lampshades but two is a collection right? OK, I have another lampshade but it's made out of vintage wicker with pretty, to die for faded rose fabric underneath the wicker. I was off on Friday, see previous post reference my Fridays off. I went out junking, not to buy junk but sometimes you to have to weed through the junk to find that "special something." I went to a thrift store that I have passed so many times but never had the time to stop in. It looked really small on the outside but once inside the store it was quite a different story. The store is narrow from all the furniture, T.Vs, microwaves, coffeepots, and stuff lining the walls and walkway but there were treasures all around me. The man working at the store said there were more things outside. OMG, did he say more stuff outside? I had visions of old rusty crusty architectural items, corbels, old ginerbread moldings, vintage chippy paint windows and doors, screen doors, vintage iron yard art, vintage patio furniture, old chippy cement pieces etc. I practically ran to the outside and then the BIG letdown. Ya, there was none of that! I had to remind myself that I was in Las Vegas, not at a fabulous flea market in California. There were used mops, waste baskets, tools, and just ole plain junk. I went back inside and noticed an upstairs. I went up stairs, it is crammed pack with clothing, shoes and piles and piles of newer stained and torn linens. After going back downstairs, I saw the beautiful vintage lace lampshade on a lamp. I asked the man how much and he said $19.99 but he would sell it to me for $9.99. I don't need a lamp I thought to myself, so I asked him if would just sell me the lamp shade. He thought about for a minute and he said ok, $2.00. After paying for it, I skipped all the way back to my car with this gorgeous vintage lace lampshade that I'll use as decorative item. The lampshade is pictured above. It's not staying on my dresser in my bedroom, I just sat it there for pitcures. It hasn't reached it's final resting place yet, I'm having to much fun moving it around the house. I love placing items in unsuspecting ways.
Have a fabulous week, Janice


Stephenie said...

I just love all your lampshades. It's so hard to find lampshade where I live. I just love that lace one. It's so beautiful.

Golden Girl said...

Janice - you are so creative. It is fun going to your blog. I wish I had the patience and creativity that you have. My place is so blah!

Golden Girl said...

P.S. Golden Girl is Aunt Mary to you:)

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

what pretty lampshades! love your blog... xo Heather