Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday was my birthday

chunky buckle

purse cover
love the shoes!!!
Saturday was my birthday. Yep, That's right!! How old am I?? Old enough to lie about my age, enough said!!:)) So, yesterday morning my sweet husband said I'm taking you shopping at the District at Green Valley Ranch to the Coach store (he knows how much I love Coach purses). Walking into the Coach store felt like purse heaven, so many fabulous purses to choose from, the colors, the styles oh my! I love the hobo style purse, no compartments, just unzip the purse and throw your purse accessories in there. I had my eye on a couple purses and the saleswoman said she had a brand new style Coach purse that won't go on display until Friday, February 27. She went into the back and brought it out. Yes, it was actually what I wanted. Iasked her if I could get now or did I have to wait until Friday? My husband chimed in and told her it was my birthday. With that said , she said if I wanted it, we could get it now. So my husband bought it for me. The matching wallet won't be in until Monday so I'll have to wait for that. The purse is a light khaki beige color with a creamy white leather chunky bucket handle. It's just the perfect purse for spring and summer. What I like best about the Coach purses is the durability, they last forever and are timeless, always in style.
We had lunch at the District and walked around as they were having a pet adoption fair. They had the cutest dogs up for adoption and as much as me and my husband wanted to adopt one, we thought about our dog at home and how she react to another dog invading her territory. After all she is the queen of our house and she reminds you everyday that she is, haha!
Last night we went to the movie Slumdog Millionare, has anyone seen it?? It is an awesome movie and I highly recommend it. If you see it, you have to stay for the credits at the end of movie, very entertaining.
I entered a give away here, check out her blog! I always enter in the give aways from the blogs I follow but have never won before. I checked my blog on Saturday 2/21/09 and saw that a comment had been left from my previous post. I checked the comment and it said that I had won the give away! How exciting is that, winning a give away on my birthday.
I promise to post soon. Have a nice relaxing Sunday, Janice


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Happy Birthday & many happy returns! and what a nice Coach bag! Can't wait to see your purse.. :-)

like you, I am Coach fan too! I have few Coach bags in the closet and current using Coach Zoe bag for work and Hamptons for my document bag.. Love Coach bags as it last long! the Hamptons..

Have a great week! said...

Happy Belated Birthday! That is a wise move by your husband to take you shopping, that way you avoid any returns. These Coach purses seem pretty popular. Enjoy!