Thursday, February 5, 2009

A day off

YAHOO.........It's Friday and my day off. Yep that's right. Ya see, I work outside of the home and I work 9 hour days. I work Monday- Friday and every other week I get Friday off. I have Friday all to myself, twice a month. The kids are in school, husband is at work and the Fridays I'm off I call it my fun day. A day all to myself to do "whatever." So I looked in the newspaper and on Craig's list. Not a whole lot going on for garage sales. So I thought, I might as well hit all my favorite antique stores (which are dwindling).My mother in law called, her name is Percy. Percy asked me if I wanted to meet her and my sister-in law, Jenny at the District, at Green Valley Ranch to go do some shopping. Of course I jumped at the chance to go shopping, just the "girls" and to pump some money back into the economy.:)) I know our first stop will be Magnolia Lane, to buy some more Pandora charms for our charm bracelets (more about these in another post) . As we stroll through the District, I'm sure we'll stop in our favorite stores, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, William-Sonoma, Brighton, The Black and White Store, Coach, and REI. We'll have lunch at P.F. Chang's or Cheesecake Factory. The weather has been gorgeous in the high 60"s with the sun shinning. Yes, this will be a fabulous "fun day" spending it with my mother and sister-in-law. What a perfect way to start the weekend.


Amy Sutter said...

You have won the drawing at Aged Vintage Papier! Congratulations! Please see the blog for more details.
Amy :-)

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

oh my gosh.. i really like your pitcher & creamer.. soooo beautiful! gorgeous!