Monday, June 29, 2009

Sprinkles Cupcakes

The last time when me and my mom were in California, we spent the night in Newport Beach as we were going to the Irvine Flea Market the next day(Sunday). Of course we had to do some shopping, so we headed on over to the Corono Del Mar Plaza. As we drove around trying to find a parking space we noticed this sign.

I mean really, I've seen this place on talk shows and articles written about the company in magazines and here we were standing directly in front of this place. So of course we had to get a few cupcakes after we waited in line for about, oh half an hour on a Saturday night. We always heard there was a line but on a Saturday night? Finally we got in the store, and looked at all the cupcakes in the big display case. We knew we only had seconds to make up our mind on which ones we wanted as there was a crowd of people behind us, patiently waiting their turn! I decided on the Red Velvet and a Black & White cupcake, $3.25 a piece. The plan was that we would have these for dessert, sometime later that evening.

Then we saw this store

Yep, Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Store. The store was still open during the time we were there (has since closed), everything was marked down and the store was practically emptied. I just had to get a picture.

We had dinner then headed back to the hotel. To get to our rooms, we had to walk pass the bar. Hummm.....a decision was made and we decided to have a few Margaritas before going to our rooms. I have since learned that alcohol makes a person take silly pictures and here's the proof

Way to full from dinner and a few drinks, the cupcakes travelled with us all the way back to Las Vegas.

The anticipation is building and I can't wait to try one,

Ok, I decided to try the Black Velvet Cupcake,




Very good, indeed.

Today was not a good day to start my diet, yea, maybe tomorrow:))


Mary Barclay said...

That is very cute - and the cupcake looked like it was worth waiting for. I love your blog!

Shabby Kim said...

Funny post for today!!! Sure wish I could have one of those cupcakes. They look yummy and so does that Margarita.

Lucinda Obrien said...

Wow what a nice time you had..and the cupcakes look delicious.It's never a good time to start a diet it?