Friday, June 12, 2009

*~My Day Off~*

Yep, I love having a three day weekend, but then who won't right? I said yesterday in my post that I would show more pictures of the project that I have been working so I'll show the latest work done on it.

Here's how my day off went. My mom came over this morning as I needed an opinion on the color I choose to paint the cabinet as I was feeling a little uneasy about the color choice. I didn't want to paint it white, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and do a different color.

After my mom came over, I showed her the half finished project and she loved the paint color and said to leave it that way. I showed her the door that was attached to the cabinet and she examined the damage to it. My mom gave me her suggestions (she's so smart that way) for a quick fix to the damage and off we went to Lowes to get some spackle. We bought a tube of Dry Dex Spackling, it's the neatest stuff. It goes on pink and when it dries, it turns white, super easy to apply, we used our index finger tip! Here's a picture of how it looks now,

It still needs to be sanded, primed then painted, too much fun. Ok, before we went to Lowes, we had to go to Home Goods, love that place, We walked around and headed to the clearance items. Here's what went in the shopping basket for me, it smells wonderful!

Tangerine vanilla body wash, yep this big ole bottle for $4.00. I love the design on the label, don't you?

Here's another look,

More shopping was done then off to lunch, yep the perfect way to spend a day off.

More pictures to follow in a few days of my "re-do" project.

Have a fabulous weekend, Janice

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Erin said...

looks good! Say hello to your mom. Looking forward to seeing you both at Piecemakers August 1st :) Erin