Friday, August 21, 2009

It's Chippy Paint Fridays

Hello everyone,

It's Chippy Paint Fridays at the Faded Cottage. I'm so glad you were able to stop by to see the 9th segment. Today, I am featuring a chippy paint, pink wrought iron chair, chipped to perfection!

I bought this many years ago from one of my favorite sellers on ebay. She always had the most amazing items and I was a regular buyer from her.

When I saw this chair she had listed, I knew right away I would be the new owner! Lots of people were bidding on this chair (can you blame them?). With a minute left before the auction ended, I placed my final bid. Anticipation was building, I was nervous, doubtful, unsure if my last bid was high enough to win the auction.

I hit the refresh button, and there it was, my name appearing as the highest bidder,

I was toooo excited as I loved that chair from the moment I saw it.

The excitement quickly wore off when I was sent an email stating the shipping cost for this one of a kind chippy paint, pink wrought iron chair.

I stared at the email, trying to take it all in, yep, $40.00 to ship this item which of course didn't include what the final bid was. I called myself all kinds of ugly names for winning the auction. I paid the money and waited the arrival of the chair.

And the huge box came. I ripped it open, took the chair out and there she was in all her glory, beautiful, chippy paint, the prettiest faded pink and white color, gorgeous design on my new vintage chair.

I would tell you what the final cost was for this chair however, my husband reads my blog every once and awhile and if he knew the cost, he might start paying closer attention to how much money I spend, (and I can't have that!), hahaha.

Thanks for stopping by, your presence is greatly appreciated and a big thanks to all those who left the nicest comments on my last post, they mean the world to me!

Have a fabulous weekend and I'll be posting real soon.:))


Ana~A Petite Cottage said...

Hi Janice,
I would've done the same thing:-) That chair is too beautiful to pass up. As a matter-of-fact I've done the was a beautiful birdcage tinker box. Got a little carried away on ebay and I know I paid too much. But when I got it in the mail I melted and it was all worth it. Your chair was definitely worth it. Have a great weekend.


Elyse said...

i love chippy paint fridays and one of these weeks i hope to join in.

shipping can get crazy! i brought a table i painted to UPS for a quote and it was over a hundred dollars or something to ship. i ended up loving the table and decided to keep it. a lot of times at my etsy shop, i try to limit what i sell to small things to keep shipping low.

i'm rambling. blame coffee.

love the chair!


Mary said...

Hi the chair! I can so relate to your experience on ebay...every detail from the excitement of seeing that you won, to the horror of seeing the final cost! But this was so worth's perfect! Wish I could have joined you today, but my chippy painted things wouldn't have compared! And keep hubby away from your blog...what he doesn't know won't hurt him! Hug and smiles, Mary

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

I read your post to my husband and we both got a big laugh out of funny! But I can't blame you on wanting that chair! I am sure it was worth it and after all it was wrought iron...weighs a ton! Have a wonderful weekend!
~Hugs, Patti