Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Flea Markets and a Peddlers Sale Part II

This post is a continuation of yesterdays post. It's about a shopping journey that my mom and I make a few times a year to Southern California to shop at the flea markets and antique stores. We always come home with the back of the SUV loaded with the most adorable antique and vintage items.

Yesterday, I talked about our shopping adventure in Riverside California. If you ever get the chance to go there, I highly recommend it. It's a city packed with the most charming antique stores and thrift shops so much so, that we didn't get a chance to visit all of them.

After Riverside we headed to Costa Mesa for the peddlers sale. The sale starts on Saturday but the dealers set up their booths on Friday so we always make sure we are there on Friday to get first pick of all the treasures, the typewriter being one of them.

I have never owned a vintage type writer before but there was something about this one that said I had to have it. It's loaded with vintage charm and makes an awesome display piece.
After shopping the peddlers sale, we went to a few more antique stores,then to dinner, then to the hotel to get some much needed rest!!

We were up early Saturday morning to head on over to the peddlers sale. This is the first thing I bought, a vintage sugar dish, stamped on the bottom R/S Prussia absolutely daring! I think I'm gonna put it in the bathroom and fill it with cotton balls or maybe I'll add it to my china hutch, ooh the decisions.

Cute vintage cardboard box, love the decal on top.

My mom and I have been going to this peddlers sale for years and all the regular dealers who sell there know us, they call us as the "Vegas girls."

We even heard one vendor say, "there's the Vegas Girls, it's gonna be a good day in sales today", tooo funny!!

Yes, we are loyal shoppers and we always make sure we visit and buy from our favorite dealers such as the sweet Erin, check out her blog. She has impeccable taste and her booth is gorgeous!! Yep, we bought a few treasures from her to!.

I bought this hat on the trip as well and I might even wear it! Look at the ruffled brim of the hat, love the look!!

I usually display hats and lampshades on pretty candleabras as shown in previous posts.

The hat is a pink/peachy color with pretty flowers and trim

A few more pictures to show and a funny story to share with you tomorrow.

Make it a great day, Janice


boydresser said...

Beautiful blog..........great pictures.........Kathy

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

wow.. such great finds! love them all the typewriter just awesome.. and the sugar bowl with lid somemore with R/S Prussia just stunning!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Janice, What a fun place to shop! I wish we had more places like that where I live. I love the sugar bowl! How unique that would be to use it for cottom balls!
~Hugs, Patti

Mary said...

Hi Janice! Would you believe I gave a typewriter like that away to GW years ago?! I love the little flower adored cardboard box - is a jewelry box? And the pink hat with the pink rose is great! I like the way you use your treasures to create delightful "scapes" everywhere! It would be so fun to shop with you and your mom!