Friday, March 13, 2009

Here's what I did

I'm sure most people would think I'm nuts taking apart a perfectly functioning vintage lamp, but I did, I had other ideas for the lamp. I took them apart and used the bases to display some of my collections, enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think, ok? (there I am in the mirror trying to hide from the camera)

This is part of a lamp, crystals attached and a pretty paper flower sits in the center. You could also use this as a candle holder. I didn't have the right size candle to show how it would look .

I just love the ornate details of this lamp base. The next time you have some lamps sitting around, have fun and take them apart and use the pieces for other things.

I added some much needed crystals to this piece and perched a clock on top.

Another lamp part (not sure the correct name for these pieces), pictured on the right. I think this would look stunning with a tapered candle on top.

The following pictures are of some other lamp parts that I painted and distressed that are part of a vignette that is in the foyer. I had these for a couple of years and I get lots of compliments. The first picture shows the two separate pieces.


The piece sitting on top is actually from a chandelier, this piece would hang from a chain that attaches to the ceiling, I used this piece and sat it on top of a lamp base.

This picture shows them together.

I really enjoy re-purposing things and seeing what the final out come will be. You just never know what you can create until you do it. :))


Wanda said...

What an imagination,it turned out so pretty, and usefull. It isn't always what it is used for but what it can become. Cheers

Rose Garden Romantic said...

LOVE what you did with the lamp parts!!

Anonymous said...

What a cute idea, you are so creative!

Maryjane - The Beehive Cottage said...

Wow, beautiful blog you have! Enjoyed my visit! Hugs, Maryjane

shabbydreaming said...

Looks great!! What a FAb idea!!