Monday, April 5, 2010

So where have I been?

I can't believe I have been away from blogging for over two months. Just popping in to say I'm back and I'll be posting again on a regular basis! So much to share and talk to you about so instead of making one long post, I'll divide them up into several, how does that sound?

The table and mirror you see in the picture are recent purchases, not bought together, the table at a garage sale and the mirror was bought at an estate sale, I think they look perfect together. Here's some close ups.

I just love the detailing on this table. The top folds down so it can be used as a small kitchen table but I like it next to my couch in the formal living room.

Thanks to all of you who asked about how the boot camp went that I was enrolled in. It was an awesome workout for the two weeks that I went. I had to stop (per doctor's request) because of a supposedly medical reason/condition and it turns out after going to three doctors, I'm perfectly fine, nothing was wrong with me in the first place! So because of that, I never got the chance to finish the boot camp.

Love the swags on the mirror.

So I was thinking, for my next post would you like to see ugly pictures and read a horror story about what kind of destruction renters can do to a cottage built in 1935, yep, that's what we have been dealing with for a month now.

I told my husband, I am embarrassed to have our names on the mortgage papers because the cottage looks bad, really bad, like white trash ghetto bad!

Anyway, enough of my drama, so glad to be back blogging .

Make it a great day, Janice


Shropshire Suz said...
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Shropshire Suz said...

Hi loving the mirror and table and sorry to hear about the renters!!!
Understand that one only too well
Hope you managed to put it all right again at not too much cost
Hugs x

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Love the table and the mirror! I love what you did with it! Sorry about your renter trouble....I just don't understand how people can live like that? Have a great day!~Patti

Annie Louise said...

Love the table and mirror they are fantastic together. Glad you are back blogging. I am so sorry to hear about your renters, I will never understand how someone can destroy and have such disregard for others property. Looking forward to your new posts.
Take care,

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Welcome back, Janice! Sorry to hear about renter trouble. It is a shame how some have so little regard for others.

Your table and mirror are gorgeous! They look fabulous together. Great finds!

Have a lovely Sunday!


Ana said...

Hi Janice,
Well welcome back have been missed. So excited to hear that you'll be posting again :-) Love your new table and mirror. Will be back to see and read all about your renter's woes...

Hugs and Kisses,

shabbydreaming said...

The table and mirror look like they were made for each other!! Looks Gorgeous!!! and those Dome chandeliers AHHHHH Gorgeous!!

Erin said...

you're not blogging anymore? Were you here for Piecemakers? I did not sell this weekend but I shopped!! We just got back from New York last night so I was not about to set up shop...hope you are well Janice! Erin

texasdaisey said...

It must have been in the air because I took a 2 month hiatus too. lol. Not sure why just seemed to get busy and more busy and next thing I knew 2 months had passed.

Rebecca Bany said...

Sounds great. Beautiful pics. Welcome back.

arrielle_p said...

Mirrors are very helpful in the room because it makes the place look bigger and brighter. Love those images. :)

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