Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Got Beaded Domes?

Yep, back in the day, these beaded domes were once ceiling light covers. Can you believe you would have to look up just to see them? But now, they are highly sought after gems that are used as decorating accessories. I like to think of them as jewelry for the home. They add so much glitz and glam so you can't blame a girl for wanting them.
Beaded domes is just one of my collections. I don't think you can ever have to may things that you love. Beaded Domes is just one of them. I first saw them in a magazine and I knew that they would soon be a collection of mine. I went straight to ebay and saw some on auction. I bid and won, I bid again and won for a total of five times. Good thing my husband doesn't keep track of my spending or I would be on ebay restriction. I have a total of 7 domes. Two were bought in Henderson Nevada where I live. It was hot summer morning and my husband had left to take the boys to baseball practice, I was at home cleaning. My husband called and told me about about a parking lot sale and said I should go. Not really in the mood, I thought "what the heck." After I arrived at the sale I looked around and really didn't see anything that "caught my eye" until I arrived at "the table." My heart started racing and I tried to hide my excitement when I laid eyes on 2 beaded domes. Not to sound to excited about them I asked "what are they" (knowing full well what they were). The seller said " I will sell you both domes and a wall sconce (the sconce was dripping in prisms) for $35.00." I about gasped, I couldn't believe the price. I ripped the money outta my pocket as fast I could just so they would "be sold." I thanked her and hurried home filled with much happiness, I spent the next hour building a vignette with the beaded domes.
Are you ever done collecting one thing? I always thought the answer would be no. But now that I have my 7 beaded domes, I think I'm done collecting them. But vintage china with pretty roses is another story.
What do you collect?


Shab-n-Chic said...

Hi Janice!
Your collection of domes are amazing! I don't think I have ever seen so many in one home. I collect a number of things, but I have really toned down my purchasing. I'm drawn to the old sailor valentine seashell art, tole trays & sconces, and old cement statues. I've always admired the beaded domes, but I have not been lucky enough to find one at a flea market! Nice blog..will check in again!

Lady Jane Vintage said...

Good Morning Janice! Thank you so much for the post on my blog - It's messages like that, that clear the clouds away during this Ebay fiasco!:) I have opened an account on Etsy and just started selling there on Monday - So far it's a lot of fun and I've already had some sales - Yaaay! I love your blog too! And I, like Nancy, have never been lucky enough to come across any of these beaded shades at flea markets, auctions OR estate sales! What a gorgeous display they are in your home! I too collect antique china handpainted with roses - but that's just ONE of my many collections!:) Well thanks again, and I'll be sure to check your blog often - I will definitely add your link to my blog page! Warmly, Jen

Lady Jane Vintage said...

Good Afternoon! I added you to my blog list and hope you'll do the same for me! I gotta take some photos around here of some of my collections to share on my blog too - I still can't get over those beaded domed shades....So BEAUTIFUL! Jen

Lady Jane Vintage said...

Janice - I truly believe there IS NO going overboard when you are collecting something that you truly love, and something that brings you joy! I say KEEP THE HUNT GOING for MORE of those lovely Beaded Domed Shades!!!!:) Warmly, Jen

robin de koning said...

omg...they are lovely! if you ever want to sell any, let me know...i think these are a have to have for me too!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

LOVE them!!! What a fun and beautiful collection and what an amazing bargain you got at the parking lot sale!! Lucky girl!! I am so not good at not showing my excitement at times like that! LOL!
Just found your lovely blog and I can't wait to explore the rest!